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Barry Smylie
Rock Art
animation interactive, 2002, Canada

In 3 years The Douglas Smylie Issue has been shown on internet art sites, Tokyo Contemporary Museum, Austrian Television, Paris Liberation, B.B.C. and the C.B.C.

Rock Art is written in the international languages of animation, glyph, interactivity, and music.

Hi Fi Rise
animation interactive, 2003, UK

Semiconductor is UK artists Ruth Jarman and Joseph Gerhardt. They work with the computer as co-conductor producing sound films / performances and installations.

This DVD by Semiconductor features 8 sonic films by themselves plus 6 from guests artists. The disc includes an interactive DVD-Rom section, Earthquake Films, where you can search for the moving image within a sonic landscape.

  Andrea Polli
animation interactive, 2003, USA

Andrea Polli is a digital media artist living in New York and Associate Professor of Integrated Media at Hunter College whose internationally acclaimed artwork addresses issues of technology and science.

Atmospherics/Weather Works is a performance, web, installation, and free software project to transform storms and other meteorological data into sound.

  Manolo Cocho
animation interactive, 2003, Mexico

Manolo Cocho, was born in Mexico City in 1968. He has twenty years of artistic creation and research experience in a variety of disciplines such as painting, sculpture, installation, object-based art, land art , video and multimedia. His work has mainly been shown in Mexico City, London and Paris.

The Signa project is a collective research work on land art that was initiated by Manolo Cocho in 1994 in the deserts of northern Mexico.
They created installations in open spaces using materials found on site. Afterwards they archived the site using photography, video and GPS. Entered into a computer this information constructs a network of points on the earth's surface and forms a global work.

  Karen Kipphoff
Public spaces/Public bodies
animation interactive, 2003, Allemagne

German/Canadian Artist and Performer. Professor of Fine Arts, Kunsthøgskolen in Bergen/Norway.

QTVR application with panoramas from Bucharest, Montréal and Berlin.
Monuments and squares structure urban surroundings and express the prevailing ideas of power and culture of the time. The work links these cities to each other and shows similarities and discrepancies.

  Collectif 1.0.3
animation interactive, 2003, France

Collectif 1.0.3 is currently in residency at the "La Galerie", Noisy-Le-Sec (France)

Misma (Module d'Intervention de Sauvegarde de Méthodologies Artistiques/Module for the
Intervention and Safeguarding of Artistic Methodologies ) is conceived as a perceptual tool to determine the place occupied by the digital tool within the context of event-based or individual artistic production. This documentation center adds and organizes computer backups (file structure, file names) and then maps them according to two modes: arboflash and planiscope.

  Qubo Gas
Shimmy Shimmy Grass
vidéo, 12’, 2003, France

Qubo Gas is a collective of three young graphic-artists from Lille in the north of France (Laura Henno, Morgan Dimnet and Jeff Ablézot). Qubo Gas has developed a graphic exploration that is at the root of a surreal environment that moves between abstraction and figuration and consists of compositions that mix digital collage, drawings on paper, colored graphic experimentations, graffiti. The result is a corrosive and epileptic world of poetic lags.

Shimmy Shimmy Grass is a virtual ephemeral vegetal microcosm whose autonomous and random evolution is directed by the real-time Internet capture of weather data at the exhibition space location. Collaboration: David Deraedt (Flash Action Script programming/ PHP), & Olivier Bruggeman (music score)

Production : Le Fresnoy, 2003,