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SEPTEMBRE 20-27, 1999
source G. l'heureux

70 videos.
Multimedia space (9 CD-ROMS/12 websites)
4 performances.
3 lecture-discussions.
1 mobile installation: sonic interface.
Special Memento Metropolis.
1 techno evening, projections for turntables.
5000 Visitors
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Champ Libre, in partnership with the Société de Développement Angus, has the pleasure of announcing that the Fourth Manifestation Internationale Vidéo et Art Électronoique will take place in Montreal from September 20 to 27, 1999 in the former Angus locoshop, situated in the Rosemont-Petite-Patrie neighbourhood.

Champ Libre is inviting the public on a media journey that links architecture and electronic media. Samples, mixing, networked topographies and flux: this edition will question the contemporary issues of interactivity and interfaces and will reflect on the networks of exchange which are redefining the relations between the real and the virtual.

source G. L'Heureux

Contemplation and Anticipation: recent videos. A national and international selection of 50 new independent video works such as Fishtank by Richard Billinghamn, The History of Glamour by the American artist Theresa Duncan and Mémoire(s) by the French artist Gérard Cairaschi, Hara Kiri (exercises) by the Quebec artist Manon Labrecque, Spiritual Animal Kingdom by the Canadian artist Steve Reinke. Curator: John Zeppetelli.

Memento Metropolis: experimental films and video. This program on the theme of the city is made up of fifty works such as the Flâneur III: Benjamin's Shadow by the Danish artist Torben Skoldt Jenson, Tokyo by the Quebecois artist Francis Leclerc and Brazilia by the Belgian artist Robert Suermond. Curator: Étienne Desrosiers.

Liquid Pixels: performances. Three performances will be presented: Zoetrope by Joseph Hyde (UK), an exercise in sound; Sister Iodine, a French group which integrates electronic and acoustic residues into its musical compositions, and finally Human Body - Elektronik Fashion Show, an avant-gardist fashion show with live electronic re-interpretation, presented by the Parisian stylists Vava Dudu and Fabrice Lorrain.

Mental: installations. Two American artists respectively present Voice Off
and Partners/Parallel Play, two works which highlight the presence of narration in video.

source G. L'Heureux

New Media: circuits and connections. Twenty multimedia projects (CD-ROM and website) make up this program. Notable among them are Borderland by the French multimedia company Plokker, Bitblood Baby by David Bickerstaff (UK) and Gender Media Art by the Dutch company Axis.

Electronic Japan Now! An intervention titled Sonic Interface, by the Japanese developer Akitsugua Maebayashi, invites you to experiment with audio interfaces. Virtual reality for the ears.

Emerging Zone: Launch of a video program that focuses on young emerging artists from Quebec and the international scene. This program was put together by the Montreal collective Perte de Signal.
A Pack of Schisms: Editorial Project by the French collective Icono in which the different overlaps between architecture and interactivity are presented as an online performance.

Open Arborescence: lectures. An artistic interface proposal for the 4th Manifestation website will serve as a departure point for a series of lectures that focus on the digital re-actualization of images.


source X
source G. L'Heureux
source G. L'Heureux
source Vey Duke / Battersby
Aitken, Doug
Allard, Tony
Aloni, Udi
Anderson, J. Tobias
Balass, Joe
Bickerstaff, David
Billingham, Richard
Bowen, Deanna
Boisseau, Sylvie / Westermeyer, Frank
Cairaschi, Gerard
Cooper, Justine
Dempsey, Shawna / Millan, Lorri
Duncan, Theresa
Dyck, Richard
Forrest, Nikki
Gonsalves, Tina
Guzzetti, Alfred
Henricks, Nelson
Hoolboom, Mike
High, Kathy
Husain, Oliver
IAT (International Art Terrorism)
Kailomees, Raivo
Kantor, Istvan / Cantsin, Monty
Koponen Mikko & Ilpo / Uolamo, Marko
KsPal, Szabolocs
Kuchar, George
Labrecque, Manon
Laliberte, Sylvie
Lefave, Laura-Jeanne
Leveque, Les
Lundquist, Cecilia
Maki, Teemu
Marchessault, Janine
McElwee, Van
McGuire, Ann
McVicar, Tara
Moumblow, Monique
Mounir, Fatmi
Muller, Matthias
Neubert, Karl
Pearlstein, Alix
Pelletier, Alain
Pichardo, Isaias Ortega
Power, Andrew
Raad, Walid
Reichardt, Kelly
Reinke, Steve
Sarrut, Bernard
Schnitt, Corinna
Schouten, Lydia
Stewart, Christine
Tam, Ho
Tan, Fiona
Terwindt, Kuno
Tribe, Kerry
Valk, Richard
Vey Duke, Emily / Battersby, Cooper
Wacker, Matthew
Wood, John / Harrison, Paul
Woodcock, Laurel
Woolery, Reginald

Memento Metropolis :
Aber Kaern, Simone
Arriaga, Marcos
Baes, Pascal
Baillie, Bruce
Berliner, Alan
Burckhardt, Rudy
Crawford, Robert
Crochetiere, Michael
De Gagne, Michel / Gelinas, Michel
Dudu, Vava / Lorrain, Fabrice
Elmadjian, Stephane
Fernandez, Lioneli / Minkkinen, Erik
Gallagher, Chris
Gagne, Jeannine
Gerson, Barry
Glazer, Aub
Goldberg, Neil
Goldman, Peter-Emmanuel
Goupil, Pierre
Halflifers, The
Hoffman, Philip
Hoolboom, Mike
Hyde, Joseph
Jensen, Torben Skjodt
Kalin, Tom
Kantor, Istvan / Cantsin, Monty
Leclerc, Francis
Lipsett, Arthur
McElwee, Van
Menken, Mary
Miron, Francois
Mittelstadt, Egbert
Moholy-Nagy, Lazlo
Morton, Cara
Muller, Matthias
Napier, Philip
O'Neill, Pat
Peter, Leslie
Reid, Sandra / Gagne, John
Reinke, Steve
Rimmer, David
Robert, Jocelyn
Stern, Walter
Suermondt, Robert
Sumner, Alaric
Syed, Tanya
Vanderborght, Karen
Van Damme, Philippe


General coordinator
Karen Wong
Logistics consultant
Cécile Bissonette
Publication design
Visna Chau
Programming assistant
Nicolas Comeau
Board of directors
François Cormier, Stéphane Pratte, Anick St-Louis, Karen Wong
Danielle Como
Mémento Métropolis curator
Étienne Desrosiers
General help
Denis Fillion
Technical director
Éric Gingras
Logistics assistant
Carole Gravel
Logistics help
Fabienne Hick
Japanese interpret
Vida Ikeda
Artur Kozlowski
Communications help
Josée Laliberté, Patrick Michael
New media coordinator
Josée Laplace
Marie-Hélène Lemay
Logistic director
Alexandre Legault
Pascal Masson
Director of communications
Katherine Ouimet
Graphic design
Steve Rioux, Wing Zic
Web Site
Stéphane Sautour
Akistugu Maebayashi curator
Yukiko Shikata
Japanese translator
Ikuko Suzuki
Jacques Vecerina
Drafting assistant
Judith Vienneau
Curator video programming
John Zeppetelli
Web and cd-rom consulting committee
Marie-France Garon
Simon Piette
François-Xavier Tremblay
Simon Lacoste
Sophie Rouleau
Michel Van Hoye
Eric Plourde
Dany Dubé
Alexandra Schillinger
Catherine MacGovern
Sylvie Parent
Stéphane Sautour
Video consulting committee
David Blatherwick
Alexandre Castonguay
Mathieu Chantelois
Ryofa Chung
Patrick Evans
Sylvain Fortin
Pascale Galipeau
Venelina Ghiarouv
Jesse Hunter
Pierre Larivière
Steve Rioux
Stéphane Sautour
Lyne Snelling
Will Straw
Alexandra Schillinger
Neil Stewart
Alexis Lambert
Marcelo Gomez Wiuckstern