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AUGUST 30 to SEPTEMBER 3, 1994
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An outdoor public event on the esplanade of the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Arts. 19 national and international videos. 1 video sculpture.
3000 Visitors
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The Montreal Museum of Contemporary Arts is inaugurating its 1994-1995 multimedia creation season in association with the collective Champ Libre through the presentation of Ô Arts Électroniques!

This collaboration with Champ Libre is an occasion for the museum to engage in an exchange on the problematic related to interdisciplinary creation, as well as an opportunity to establish a relationship between public space, urban architecture and the electronic arts. The outdoor projection on the esplanade of the Place des Arts is an extra-muros extension of the Museum's regular video program. The event seeks to make the public aware of this dynamic creation sector that forms a part of the broader field of electronic arts.

The video sculpture and the fifteen video presented here were selected from the productions of Quebec, Canadian and international artists. One of these works, Le récit d'A by Esther Valiquette, is taken from the Museum's video collection — a part of the Museum's collection that has been active since 1979.

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This selection of works, created for the most part during this decade, bears witness to the emergence of a new sensibility among a generation of artists that grew up ina culture of television and computers. As a consequence it highlights the impact of new technologies on contemporary art practices.

In recent years video's evolution—on the level of thought and form—towards a distinctive visual language that is more than ever linked to the potential of electronic language, has given rise to a new aesthetic as well as a renewed approach to narrative structure and poetic meaning. Viewed as cinema's poor relative twenty years ago, video has now become the privileged vehicle through which the integration of art and technology is actualized.

Yolande Racine
Director of Multimedia Creations
Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art


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Beban, Breda / Horvatic, Hrvoje
Benning, Sadie
Champagne, Yvel / Roberge, Rene
Claude, Stephane
Day, Dennis
Decostere, Stefaan
DeKeersmaeker, Anne Teresa / Verdin, Walter
DeInfante, Francisco Ruiz
Hershman, Lynn
Kapuscinski, Iaroslaw
Kotkowska, Joanna / Flambard, Christophe
Morin, Robert / Dufour, Lorraine
Ramboz, Eve
Sanborn, John
Valiquette, Esther


Laurent Lavoie
Artistic director
Francois Cormier
Projet director
Pierluigi Mormino
Technical director
Stéphane Claude
Administrative director
Patrice Laferrière
Press relation
Marie Claude Dionne
Marie Howard, Nathalie Lortie,
Pierluigi Mormino
François Cormier, Stéphane Sarazin
Graphic design
Marc Collin
Video editing
Christophe Flambard
Laura Lefave
Public relation
Yves Sheriff
Simon Piette
Musée d'Art Contemporain team
Yolande Racine, Charles Meunier, Sylvain Parent, Denis Labelle,
Michel Pétrin