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MAY 8, 2002
source S. Kovats

A discussion/laboratory day focusing on the Cite des Ondes, 5e MIVAEM and a presentation evening of Montreal projects - 10 videos, 2 performances.
200 Visitors.
source G. Bédard


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Champ Libre is pleased to announce their laboratory event ONDES/CITE that will take place on May 8, 2002. It will be held on the three floors of the LIDO tavern, located at 2101 St-Catherine Est, on the corner of De Lorimier street, near the Jacques Cartier Bridge, in Montreal. On an invitation by Champ Libre this first insitu laboratory will be directed by Stephen Kovats, an architect, curator of media arts and, for the last ten years, a researcher years at the BAUHAUS school of architecture in Dessau, Germany,

Continuing its research on urbanism, architecture, art and new technologies, Champ Libre will present ONDES/CITÉ, an idea- laboratory inspired by the project: CITÉ DES ONDES. "Cité des ondes" is the main theme of the 5E Manifestation Internationale Vidéo et Art Électronique (a biennial event by Champ Libre), to take place in Montreal from the 16 to the 23 of September 2002. The location of the event—and its source of inspiration —is the CRAIG Pump House a designated historic site located at 2000 St-Antoine Est in the Centre Sud neighbourhood of Montreal.

Conceived as an idea incubator ONDES/CITÉ, will be Champ Libre's first activity on the territory of the "Cité des Ondes. " It will be the occasion to unveil the preliminary program and to initiate a dialogue around the chosen theme of the Manifestation. The event will be composed of a series of talks about new approaches in urbanism which are intricately connected to the role and importance of media in the city, particularly as it pertains to the current development of new technologies The event ONDES/CITÉ will also be the opportunity to present a section of the international and national artistic program of electronic art that touches upon the fields of architecture, performance, electronic music, dance, literature, poetry and new media.

On May 8th philosophers, artists, writers, urbanists, sociologists, architects, academics, researchers, scientists, neighbourhood residents, students, journalists, politicians, economists from Montreal and abroad, will be invited to share their ideas, perspectives, points of view and thoughts for the upcoming Cité des Ondes event to take place in September 2002 in Montreal.

In the evening Montrealers and international guests will be invited to the LIDO tavern, 2101 Ste-Catherine Est, for a presentation of multimedia artworks related to the laboratory event ONDES/CITÉ.
exerpts from the press release

source S. Kovats


source S. Kovats
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Caroline Andrieu
Daniel Roy
Gérard Allard
Gisèle Trudel
Gregory Sale
Guy Crevier
James Partaik
Jason Arsenault
Joanna Kotskowska
Laurent Lavoie
Louis Brillant
Louise Pelletier
Maurice Dantec
Nathalie Derome
Nicolas Reeves
Norbert Spitz
Patrick Evans
Philippe Côté
Stéphane Claude
Stephen Kovats


Artistic director
François Cormier
General director
Cécile Martin
Stephen Kovatz
Scénographic director
Gaetan Desombre
Lighting design
Gaetan Desombre
Logistic and production
Nicolas Comeau, Daniel Mireault
Graphic design
Patrick Bérubé