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AUGUST 22-24, 1996
source J. Fass

Three evenings of electronic art presented outdoors. 27 national and international videos. 4 installations. 2 performance-shows.
2000 Visitors.
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Champ Libre is pleased to announce the event Sous La Passerelle! A novel and original outdoors event of electronic art.

As of 7:30 PM the street will become the site of a popular celebration open to the city and the world. Three evenings of electronic art and performances will take place on Lalonde Avenue on the 22, 23 and 24 of August, 1996.

A part of the urban fabric, Lalonde Avenue will be completely painted in blue and transformed into a pedestrian street. There will be a stage, Phenomenon Sculptures by Pascale Dufaux and several video monitors, all under the cover of vast white screens lit up by a whirling dance of…electrons.

Champ Libre will present a program of 22 video works from Quebec and around the world. A premiere of the special Windows on Manhattan, a selection from the last edition of the New York Video Festival, will be presented during the event.
The Quebecois artist Geneviève Letarte will present her performance "Oh toi qui vit là bas", a hypnotic interactive prose piece that combines voice, music and image.
Finally, the Association pour la Recherche Électroacoustique du Québec (ACREQ) will present the finale of its 5th international competition - Electrovideoclip.
Each evening, dance, circus art and cabaret performance-shows will usher in the parties that will extent the celebration of the electronic arts well into the night.
Admission is free and open to all. Free access to the Usine C café.

Sous la Passerelle! Is presented in collaboration with Usine C and ACREQ.

Excerpts from the press release

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source J. Fass
source J. Fass
source J. Fass
Aitken, Doug
Bain, Marc
Batsry, Irit
Bellavance, Ivon
Benning, Sadie
Boustani, Christian
Carsten-Schmidt, Olsen
Champagne, Yvel
Depocas, Heloise
DeGeetere, Patrick / Wagner, Catherine
DeVisser, Bea
Dionne, Louis
Dufaux, Pascal
Dufour, Lorraine / Morin, Robert
Emens, Julian
Fenetre sur Manhattan
Girard, Francois
Goldberg, Neil
Kalin, Tom
Larcher, David
Letarte, Genevieve
Lion, Jenny / Matheson, Steven
Maybury, John
McElwee, Van
Neveu, Chantal
Rist, Pipilotti
Ritter, Don /Walsh, Tom
Valdovino, Luis

Artistic director
Francois Cormier
Assistant to the artistic director
Étienne Desrosiers
Scenographic & architectural director
Gaëtan Desombre
Technical director
Nicolas Rouleau
Lightning conception
Gaëtan Desombre
Administrative director
Denis Son Sing
Stéphane Dumont
Communications coordinator
Sandrine Martinet
Assistant to the scenographic & architectural director
Séphane Pratte
Scenographic & architectural team
Mona Gravel, Jesus Alejandro,
Pérez Amair, Andrew Brouse
Audio & video technician
Steve Montembault
Light technician
Nicolas Descoteaux
Reception & logistics
Brigitte Legendre
Assistant to the logistics director
Mathieu Savard
Press relation
Christiane Poulin
Graphic design
John Fass
European correspondent
Pierluigi Mormino