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CHAMP LIBRE* (founded in 1992) is a nomadic electronic arts organization and research laboratory that presents in situ events, inserted in the community and putting in relation current practices of contemporary art, of architecture, of urban planning and of new technologies.

During each event, Champ Libre transforms a different public space and building and proposes to the visitor an original intervention, a sensitive experience and knowledge of these places stamped with new urbanity.

In 2007, the MANIFESTATION INTERNATIONALE of CHAMP LIBRE has replaced the MANIFESTATION INTERNATIONALE VIDÉO ET ART ÉLECTRONIQUE, MONTRÉAL (MIVAEM). This shift has thus marked the arrival of Cécile Martin to the general and artistic direction of Champ Libre and reinforced the specific role of the biennale as meeting point between art, architecture and new technologies within the public space.

* Champ Libre, was a finalist in the 2005 Prix d'excellence handed out by the Quebec Order of Architects for his scenographic intervention at the Carrières Incinerator at Montreal in fall 2004.




After Cécile Martin took over the general and artistic direction of Champ Libre, 2007 was a year of report. After evaluating trumps and weaknesses of the Manifestation, it was necessary to acknowledge that after 7 editions, the biennale of Champ Libre had to mark a cut with the past, recentering its mandate around an expertise recognized by its public, the participants to the different editions of the biennale and the event’s partners. In 2007, the MIVAEM becomes therefore the MANIFESTATION INTERNATIONALE of CHAMP LIBRE. The biennale will hold his eighth edition in September 2008 under the theme of the Forest in the Quartier International de Montréal (QIM).

Champ Libre reaffirms today its capacity to propose marking themes and sites as framework to the Manifestation. Champ Libre will continue to invite new media artists to propose big scale site specific installations that transform the perception of the site occupied. Champ Libre will continue equally its collaboration with architects in order to present and reveal the hidden qualities of these exceptional sites.
In order to underline and gather these forces, in order to render more significant and serve better these different aspects and goals, Champ Libre has decided to tighten and reorient the Manifestation.

Thereafter, the Manifestation will only present works in the form of installations, each exploring the encounter between new media arts and architecture in the public space. Different media, university and culture partners will be gathered in order to give a visibility to and emphasize alternate and significant proposals in the public space, while promoting critical questionings and optimizing the realization of a number of restricted major works of emerging as well as established creators.
The Manifestation will have as a mandate to question, transform experience and redefine contemporary public space.


1st Manifestation Internationale Vidéo et Art Électronique, Montréal (MIVAEM), 1993

Ô Arts Électroniques !, Montreal, 1994

2nd Manifestation Internationale Vidéo et Art Électronique, Montréal (MIVAEM), 1995

Circulation à Cuba, Havana, 1995

Sous la Passerelle, Montreal, 1996

3rd Manifestation Internationale Vidéo et Art Électronique, Montréal (MIVAEM), 1997

Space Junks, London, 1998

Paysage Réinventé - Percé, Percé, 1998

Visions Underground Montréal, Montreal, 1998

Visions Underground Paris, Paris, 1999

4th Manifestation Internationale Vidéo et Art Électronique, Montréal (MIVAEM), 1999

Memento Métropolis, Montreal, 1999

Visions Underground Lisboa, Lisbon, 2000

Ondes/Cité, Montreal, 2002 (Event and Lab)

Cité des Ondes : 5th Manifestation Internationale Vidéo et Art Électronique, Montréal (MIVAEM), 2002

Urban Drift, Berlin, 2002

C!ME, Montreal, 2003

Vu du Désert, Montreal, 2004 (Event and Lab)

Eaux arts Électroniques !, Montreal, 2004

Désert : 6th Manifestation Internationale Vidéo et Art Électronique, Montréal (MIVAEM), 2004

Terre Nomade/Nomad's Land, Montreal, 2005

Invisible Cité/City of the Invisible, Montreal, 2005 (Event and Lab)

Cité Invisible/Invisible City : 7th Manifestation Internationale Vidéo et Art Électronique, Montréal (MIVAEM), 2006
Ville-Art-Technologie/City-Art-Technology, Montreal, 2006 (Symposium)
Invisible Cité en Tournée/City of the Invisible on Tour, Montreal, 2006

Perdu en Forêt / Lost in the Forest, Montreal, 25-29 September 2007

Forêt/Forest : 8th Manifestation Internationale Vidéo et Art Électronique, Montréal (MIVAEM), September 2008


Champ Libre pays to the artists whose works are presented, artist fees and authors’ rights at the time of the event. These politics have been applied since the foundation of the organization and are related to the financing that Champ Libre receives for the presentation of artworks.

For Quebec and Canadian artists, the grants providers finance Champ Libre for the presentation of its artistic events, finance the fees and rights of authors of the artists’ that are Quebec and Canadian residents as well.

For commissioned artworks, Champ Libre signs a contract with the Quebec, Canadian and/or International artist and the conditions offered are adapted to the financing and to the creation and presentation of the context which is specific to the work. Furthermore, rights of authors are paid by Champ Libre to the artist who has responded to the commission at the time of the presentation of his piece.

For each Canadian or Quebec artwork selected by Champ Libre a presentation contract will be signed with its author. The presentation of each artwork gives the author the right to a fee or rights in accordance with the rates of the CARFAC The rate is firm except in case of conformity to the rates of a distributor and is also associated to an artwork outside of all consideration, including the number of artists.

For international artists, Champ Libre invites the different Embassies, Consulates and private foundations to finance the participation of these artists to its events. According to their financial support, Champ Libre will contribute with the foreign state instances for the payment of the artist fee and for the international transportation of the artist and of his artwork.

During its events Champ Libre makes the necessary technical team for the installation and the presentation of each work disposable for the selected artists . At this time Champ Libre will also take charge of complete renting


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