CHAMP LIBRE - an artistic organization dedicated to the presentation of multimedia art and architecture announces TERRE NOMADE/NOMAD'S LAND an in- situ architectural and video intervention-event which will take place from the 15th till the 19th of June 2005 at the Place SUN YAT-SEN square, located at the corner of Clark Street and de la Gauchetière in the heart of the Chinese neighborhood of Montreal at Place d’Armes metro station. This unique artistic event constitutes the first presentation of electronic art at this public square in Montreal which was completely renovated in 2002 by the young Montreal designers / buliders collective MEDIUM.

The event will unfold through the architecture of Sun Yat-Sen square’s Chinese temple, a site whose construction was realized in Montréal from materials imported directly from China. . The artistic program aspires to be a sensitive reflection of the space creating a timeless introspection of Asian iconography. The presentation of the artworks hopes to promote such reflection and induce a contemporary dialog that addresses the artists’ conceptions of architecture and landscape as explored through the electronic arts.

Among the works to be presented, the Montreal artist of Japanese origin MITCHELL AKIYAMA ought to be given mention. This artist, well known in the field of electronic music, will present a video entitled EN MAUVAISE HERBE a truly meditative work inspired by the strength and vividness of the wild nature which deploys itself in the urban environment.

Furthermore Champ Libre will present the video work TOKYO MAIGO of the Quebec film director FRANCIS LECLERC created in Japan at the time of the the flowing play les 7 branches de la rivière Ota by Quebec stage designer Robert Lepage. This impressionist video has us dive in a nocturnal and futuristic panoramic trip of the Japanese capital of Tokyo.

place Sun Yat-Sen © MEDIUM

In addition Champ Libre will present the video work HONG KONG SONG of the French artist of international reputation ROBERT CAHEN. This artwork has been realized by a pioneer of video art in France in the framework of the French artistic and scientific Urbasonic 88. HONG KONG SONG stands as a grandiose project devoted to the research of a new sound urban planning. This video reveals itself through the visually rich and dense textures of electronic pictures as an artistic work filled with dazzling poetry, within which old and contemporary China are mixed harmoniously. This video retains its position as an important reference in the world of contemporary art to this day.

Let us equally note that the public is invited to participate in a public round table concerned with architecture and new media which is to take place on the Sun Yat Sen square Friday June 17th, 2005 at 3PM in the presence of the Montreal designer/builder PATRICK EVANS, an architect linked with the renovation of the Sun Yat Sen Square and of the Montreal artist and composer MITCHELL AKIYAMA.

Remaining faithful to its mandate by aiming to create events which put architecture, urbanity and technological arts in relation to one another, CHAMP LIBRE will setup an environment within which the video image and architectural sound are placed in relation to the intimate elements of the Sun Yat Sen Square and a contemplation of its urban ambient landscape. To note at last, the event will propose a presentation of the works on the gallery of the temple during the day, and exterior video projections and a light setup inspired by the site at nightfall. The opening night will take place on Wednesday June 15th, 2005 at 7.30PM and will be open to the public. The event will be free and will take place from the 15th till the 19th of June 2005 from 12PM untill 11PM.

Let us remind you that Champ Libre was founded in 1992, and since then has produced more than 30 in situ artistic events of which the biennial MANIFESTATION INTERNATIONALE VIDÉO ET ART ÉLECTRONIQUE, MONTRÉAL (MIVAEM), ourmajor event, whose most recent edition – the 6th MIVAEM, took place on the site of the des Carrières incinerator in the Rosemont Petite-Patrie district in Montreal in September 2004 under the theme of the DESERT.

place Sun Yat-Sen © MEDIUM

Located in the heart of Montreal's Chinatown, Place Sun Yat-Sen is one of the few public spaces to be found in the city's downtown. The project is a collaboration between MEDIUM, the city of Montreal, and its Chinese community. Over the year the park accomadates a number of cultural festivities which make use of the open stage and the traditional pavillion.

Our design is an effort to create a sensitive juxtaposition between traditional elements built in China, and the modern landscape which receives them. This condition becomes particularly evident in the way in which the stone carved murals and the delicate dragon tiles are set into a rough concrete wall. This combination lets each element stand out while complementing and enhancing the others.

The granite stage and murals provide a simple backdrop for the bright fabrics of the Chinese opera, lantern festival, and dragon dance. Locust trees turn yellow in the fall like the gold tiles of the pavilion roof.

Most notable was the way in which a team of craftsmen from Shanghai, using only traditional hand tools and techniques, were able to collaborate on-site with the Montreal team of builders. Although the two groups employed fundamentally different technologies and spoke separate languages the level of interaction, co-operation and craftsmanship which was achieved is astonishing.

Source : MEDIUM