Robert Cahen


Video artist, movie director, educated composer, Robert Cahen comes from the borders between the arts. He has brought the technical and linguistic experimentations of the school of concrete music to video. He is a pioneer in the use of electronic instruments. He manipulates images as sounds, organizes them, and transforms them while offering an example of the possible exchanges between the models, highlighting the parameters of the image and those of music. Considered as one of the most significant figures in the field of video creation, his work is recognizable in its way of manipulating slow motion and in his manner of exploring the sound in relation with the image, to construct his poetic world. One rediscovers in his works a juxtaposition of stationary elements linked to elements in movement put one after the other, oscillation, multiplicity of standpoints… until the physical experimentation of the work in its occupation of space is exposed.



HONG KONG SONG was realized in the framework of "Urbasonic 88", an artistic and scientific French project (proposed by the research workshop Espaces Nouveaux) which was based on the research of a new sound urban planning, making Cahen’s work unique in its kind. In search of Hong Kong’s sound identity, Cahen deploys the city’s space- in terms of its totality and constituent architectural parts. New China mixes with old China; the reality of the city rings and resonates with the passing of images which unveil themselves in a sensational vision. Cahen composes a true video poem. Realized with the collaboration of Ermeline The Mezo.